The power of MacBook compels you!

Well it is my first entry powered by Susan which is my little MacBook. I am single so this is basically the most intense emotional relationship I have right now.

I really like Front Row which is a great media centre app, if you have some movies and TV shows burned on DVD or USB drives, or on your network, then you can play them nicely through Front Row using Perian and this hint. Pirate TV enjoymint ahoy! And it comes with a cute little remote so I need never leave the sofa again, except for emergency medical supplies of Twiglets, or posh beer.

The only problem I have is every time I try to actually do something, like work, or writing, or looking at web pages, I get completely distrackted by discovering some wizzo new feature or trying to figure out how to do something in OS X. I am happy but unproducktive.

And I keep forgetting to go to bed!