A timely series on 43Folders about how to get rid of clutter from your life and premises, inspired by

War on Clutter

Historically, my “housecleaning” has almost always consisted of… illusory shuffling — just getting things out of sight with only minimal discarding… The truth is that this is like covering your tumor with a bandage, and without thoughtful paring-down, all those crates and boxes and storage spaces do nothing to improve the basic problem. In fact, in my own experience, it makes the matter ten times worse, since you generate an entire underworld of physical goods that mean nothing to you. Your home or office becomes little more than a costly bucket for dead and useless crap.”

I am the king of this as my tiny flat is full of some quite extraordinary junk. Somewhere in there is a vintage Packard sedan, with a headless tailor’s dummy on the back seat and a bell jar containing the preserved severed head of one of my former clients.

I need a clear out.