Mevagissey, part 2

Mevagissey is a small and charming fishing village in Cornwall which has one of the best pasty shops for miles around. That’s right I am shamelessly promoting the pasty shop where I had a delicious pasty, hopefully the message will get through and I will get a complimentary van load of free pasties next time I go to visit.

Ironically the traditional hand made pasty shop was empty of custom, while everyone queued for the fish and chip shop across the street. It is sad really as why would you go to Cornwall and have fish and chips? You might as well go to a top restaurant and order Mini Kievs.

Keep the harbour tidy! This is my friend Jane which is inexplicably ignoring the signs for the charming sounding Elizabeth’s Tea Rooms (note apostrophe). I wanted to go in and order cake, and fine wine, but Jane did not let me.

I still find this picture a bit disturbing. I have figured out what it means, but it reminds me of my favourite photographer David Shrigley in a way. Either that or someone is having a laugh.

This brings me out in giggles. “You do know I’m an evil hypnotist?”

And so we leave picture-skew Mevagissey, until the next time ekcetera. There is a terrifying garden of piskies that I have not shown you, and Britain’s most disquieting public toilets. Till then take care of yourselves, and each other.

Mevagissey, Cornwall

This is the charming town of Mevagissey in Cornwall, which is not far from where I live, and has a selection of delicious pasties.

Old man keithlard's Cornish nature notebook

This was high on the moor near Minions on Caradon Hill as the storm closed in, bringing a fantastic inky light and incidentally getting me completely wet. We photographers make a lot of sacrifices though to take pictures which are fun to look at and cheer you up (see Storm on Caradon).

You do not have to be a top bird noticing expert like keithlard to know this is a robin. Unless you are American, which is in no way your fault, and you have a different robin (due to politics). I was at the Eden Project with my Dad in the Temperate Biome when this cheeky fellow landed on a little wall right next to me! There are several robins, obviously they like the place as much as I do.

No it is not some kind of amazing Graeco-Tudor mansion, it is Trago Mills, Cornwall’s top woodland retail megaplex, full of discount carpets and nylon leisurewear, and surrounded by insultingly caricatured statues of the local councillors who opposed its construction. It is worth a visit for the remaindered book department alone (“Dr” Gillian McKeith’s Harsh Criticism for the Slightly Unhealthy and a book called So You Want to Collect Portraits of Conservative Prime Ministers).

This slightly psychedelic flower is due to the very low light in the biome at Eden when I took this, and I did not have a tripod so it is a little fuzzy. I like the way it is coming at you out of an electric green darkness though.

The Moon is one of my favourite things as most people that know me know, perhaps it is a little egocentric to have a favourite world, but then I like to think big. I was born five months before the last men walked on the Moon, so I sort of missed out on most of the excitemint there. I keep taking photographs of it though in case it encourages people to think it is worth going again.

Storm on Caradon

Cheerful Xmas pictures