I may have accidentally got a bit drunken last night and ordered a load of Achewood merchandise.

In other news, I seem to be having an attack of the clumsy. I dropped a bowl in the sink last night and broke a plate. I just broke another plate the other day by putting it on a hot ring on the cooker by mistake. It is nothing to do with the drinking.

I now have only 2 plates. Luckily I also only have 2 friends, and they usually do not both visit me at the same time, or I might have a problem. I only have one knife anyway, so maybe it is not an issue.

I am reading Great Expecktations which is really good. It is not a fusty old book about old people living in olden times, like you thought; it is quite exciting and funny in fact. It is by Keith Dickens or some such name, I wonder if he has written anything else.