Viñetas Alberto Montt

jcreed found these great, Larsonesque cartoons by Alberto Montt. I thought it would be fun to translate some, so here is my attempt:

Trust me, Prudencio. Since I discovered the missionary position, it’s changed my life.”

Flight Simulator

I’m telling you this as a friend, Matías. Ever since you got that implant, it’s turning you into someone I don’t like.”

Don’t argue with me, boy! If you don’t do better in English, you’ll never understand 99% of the advertising in this country!”

Lamb again? Can’t someone ask these people to sacrifice a cow once in a while?”

Yes, Roberta, we do have some things in common, but it’s not enough. Can’t you see that?”

Boredom… Ebola… Nuclear explosion… Sniper… Cancer… Earthquake… Animal attack… Slipping in the bath… Air disaster… Spin again… Car crash…

What do you say we go back to my place and you give my tape a damned good rewinding?”

I might have expected this from her. But you, Max? My best friend?”

Here comes a special boy!

My Achewood stuff showed up! So I now have the following T-shirts eg viz. ‘HERE COMES A SPECIAL BOY’, ‘WHAT THE HELL PEOPLE’, and ‘WHAT WE NEED MORE OF IS SCIENCE’. Especially the last one. (I also have XP Day and Google T-shirts due to being at XP Day, of which more later.) Also I got the first collection book, ‘Achewood: A Momentary Diversion On The Road To The Grave Vol.1’.

I have photocopied this strip out of it and pinned it up near my desk at work as it is one of my favourites:

If you do not know my job is basically to be Roast Beef in this strip.


I may have accidentally got a bit drunken last night and ordered a load of Achewood merchandise.

In other news, I seem to be having an attack of the clumsy. I dropped a bowl in the sink last night and broke a plate. I just broke another plate the other day by putting it on a hot ring on the cooker by mistake. It is nothing to do with the drinking.

I now have only 2 plates. Luckily I also only have 2 friends, and they usually do not both visit me at the same time, or I might have a problem. I only have one knife anyway, so maybe it is not an issue.

I am reading Great Expecktations which is really good. It is not a fusty old book about old people living in olden times, like you thought; it is quite exciting and funny in fact. It is by Keith Dickens or some such name, I wonder if he has written anything else.