Oh noes

Twitter is down (addickts everywhere are jonesing for their fix right now. Not me obviously.)

But a blog entry seems a big job compared to a 140-character tweet. That text box is massive!

Also, it seems like you have to say something important and worthwhile, where Twitter just asks you ‘What are you doing?’. I will pretend this is Twitter. Well, I had some tacos for dinner earlier and watched Top Gear (it was the one where Richard Hammond races an Aston Martin against a German man on roller skates wearing a jet engine). Then relaxed in a bubbly bath listening to Louis Armstrong and his Hot Five, and reading more of We Need To Talk About Kevin.

I was going to affiliate that book but I realise I find it too distasteful to actually recommend to anyone. It is well written but just unrelentingly sour and depressing from the start, then unpleasant and frightening, and finally sickeningly violent and disturbing. Like American Psycho without the fashion tips.

I now need to read something innocent and cheerful, like Paddington, except I would be worried that Paddington would start pouring acid into Mr Gruber’s eyes or something. But then they would chuckle about it afterwards over a mug of cocoa.

Books Q1 2008

It is a bit like primitivepeople who has been keeping a diary of the books he has read this year. I have gone one better and kept a photo book diary!

You can click on any of the books to see a bigger pickture. If you like any of the books, or if you like me, why not comment to say how much you like the book, or me.

The spice must flow

I am reading The Mistress of Spices by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, a beautiful hypnagogic dream of prose poetry heady with scents and spices, as though Joanne Harris had written The Famished Road, only with more curry recipes. I like the idea that each spice is a power and a spell, cinnamon friend-maker, chilli lanka fire-child, cleanser of evil, wild ginger the gnarled root of wisdom, asafoetida hing the antidote to love. The Mistress of Spices sees into people’s hearts and is gifted to know the spice that will help them, like the confectionery witch Vianne in Chocolat with less bonking. Except she starts to get too closely involved with her customers’ lives and the spices turn nasty on her.

I have got another cold at the moment so need a Spice Mistress to make me delicious biryanis and vindaloos ekcetera, curry boosts the immune system. There is no real evidence for it, but it is a scientifick fact.