We were in the pub there earlier on and it was the quiz, and one of the questions was ‘Which type of bird has a variety called “mute”?’

I was just on my way in to the gents but I heard the question as the door was closing and shrieked out ‘SWAN!’ in a high, girlish voice which everyone in the pub must have heard and ruined their quiz fun.

I cannot resist a bird question. It was a fun night though. oop. Tumbled over!

It's still a bird, bird, bird, bird, bird world

It's a bird, bird, bird, bird, bird world

I do not know why birds are so intresting. After all you cannot use them to rest things on, or get them to remind you about shopping, or do odd jobs around the house. Unless those jobs are carefully supervised. Still I like noticing birds, and taking photographs of the birds I notice.