Hergé's adventures of keithlard

Well I went to the Brent reservoir on Saturday for bird noticing fun and photergraphy (as the more eagle eyed readers of this journal will be aware). I hope you do not actually have eagle eyes as that would be a little disquieting, plus it really annoys eagles. It is a hard job being an eagle and they cannot answer back, like the Queen, so next time have a little consideration.

On Sunday I went on my very first Lardax ride, if you do not know it is a special type of bike ride I have invented where you do not really know where you are going when you start off, plus it does not matter how long you take. So as it happened I went to the Lea Valley Navigation where there is a super park all along the canal and lots of people going for bike rides. It is next to the big reservoirs there eg the King George V and William Girling which are completely vast but you cannot get near them, which is a shame as there is apparently lots of intresting birds.

It is understandable that they do not want people messing about there as it supplies a million people’s drinking water in London, but I think you can get a special birdwatching permit to visit them. I might do that, although I do not know what kind of tough interrogation you have to to go through to get the permit. “Do you like birds?” “Yes.” “Are you a terrorist fanatically dedicated to poisoning London’s water supplies?” “No honest.” “Very well off you go then.”

Anyway it was a wizzo day out on the canal and I did see a number of mallards, coots, moorhens, swans and ducks. Also I saw a sleek dark diving bird which I realised straight away was a lifer (that is just a bird you have not seen before). It was quite shy and kept diving every time I pedalled up to it to have a closer look, but later on it took off and flew all around with its mate. It was about goose sized and all black except for white cheeks and throat, with a long pointed bill like a grebe. So I think after consulting my reference books (lookitup boy lookitup lookitup) it is a Great Cormorant. Or if anyone knows better please tell me.

I guess it was over 20 miles there and back which is a good ride, I was not too tired but my bottom was telling me in no uncertain terms that it had had enough when I got back. It was a lovely day of spring sunshine though and it was great being out on the bike. I worked up a big appetite even though I had a packet of Fizzy Fish to sustain me, and in the evening Jane and her neighbour and his girlfriend and me went to the Dignity and then to the Balti for a refreshing curry.

So that is all the adventures I will tell about for now. More news tomorrow!

Learn about birds with Computer Jones

As there is a lot of serious ornithological discussion on this journal at the moment, I thought I might ruin it with this clip from Look Around You: