CityPoint mon amour

Looking up at CityPoint again. Man it would be basically awesome to go up in a building like that and take some photergraphs of the view.

Good show, DM!

A sinister distorted reflecktion in a bus I saw. Or is it just normal and it is me that is a warped freak from another dimension. If so text WARPED FREAK to the number on your screens now and you could win an exclusive dinner for two at the Bengal Lancer curry restaurant in Kentish Town (you will not though).

Glimpse of Norman Foster’s amazing massive phallus. Unusually it has a restaurant at the top, which is more than most people can claim.

Circus Place at Finsbury Circus, which is a lovely building or buildings, but I do not know about it. I will have to investergate further and write a small monograph on the subject.

A mysterious and occult chimney sticking out in Circus Place, I presume it must be a venterlation shaft for the Tube which runs underneath between Moorgate and Liverpool Street. If you know that it is the entrance to a secret underground lair eg the Ministry of Magick or Colonel K’s headquarters out of Dangermouse then please write in.

More reflections which I cannot remember where it is exactly. I was crazed with hunger at this point and desperate to find a pie shoppe.

A sneaky peek at the amazing Tower 42 which is coming up next, after these important messages from your local station.

More interesting archie-tecture

City Tower. I did not get chased off by security guards this time because I have perfeckted the art of guerilla photergraphy. What you do is get an escaped guerilla from the circus and use it to distract the security people while you take photergraphs.

I do not remember which building this is on Chiswell Street, my notes are a bit shaky and illegible due to being continually chased by security guards. Here is a Google Earth placemark though in case you are fanatically obsessed like me. Do not admire or try to imitate me, I know I need help.

One Coleman Street

More weird reflecktions in One Coleman Street.

Moody, red-filtered sky in the windows of The Helicon, One South Place.