Bodmin Moor

Brown Willy, at 420m the roof of Cornwall, and a 2-hour slog to the summit over rough and boggy moorland (or as I put it, ‘a nice gentle stroll’). Day 1 of our wizzo minibreak.

The moor is a beautiful, high and desolate place; a hundred square miles of wilderness along the rocky spine of Cornwall. Here at 1,000 feet the wind is relentless and the only living things to be seen a few hardy sheep and cattle.

Looking east from Catshole Down towards the snowy heights of Dartmoor.

Lucy enjoying a well-earned cup of coffee and a pasty atop Brown Willy. The name, a perennial delight to visitors, is probably Cornish bron whella, the highest hill. In the background we are looking north towards Carland Cross Wind Farm.

Rough Tor, looking north-east from the summit of Brown Willy. These great jagged tors are the exposed skeleton of the vast granite batholith which forms Devon and Cornwall; Dartmoor and the Scilly Isles are part of the same single rock.

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