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Haven’t you got better things to do?

The Book Thief

Well I just got through reading The Book Thief, which was terrific! And I have actually stolen it, as my friend that lent it to me does not realise that she is not going to get it back. There is an irony there.

The narrator is Death, which makes a change from the usual gin-sodden female thirtysingles of chick-lit, and it is all about a little girl that loves to read. I can identify with this as I used to be a little boy that loves to read, and the only thing that has changed since then is the size of the boy, and the amount and quality of the pornography on his computer. That is by the by.

It is set against the backdrop of Nazi Germany, which is not as heartwarming as it sounds; bad books are always set against the backdrop of Nazi Germany and one family’s saga of love and loss spanning six world wars. But it is Hitler’s Germany seen through the eyes of Adrian Mole; Liesel, the book thief, is more interested in penny dreadfuls, the boy next door, and playing football than Kristallnacht. She does have a Jew in her basement, but when you are a kid, everything your parents do seems normal. Then, embarrassing.

Over time we come to know the characters in Liesel’s ordinary little town, though given who is telling the story, the outlook for them was always bleak. But it is not a story of horror or Holocaust. The Book Thief remains upbeat; the magic of reading and the kindness of strangers light up a little corner of Germany in Hitler’s shadow. I normally only like books about people blowing things up or going into space, or, better, blowing things up in space, so it is a rare mark of approbation for me to declare this book a “keithlard’s Must Buy”. Or steal.

Oh noes

Twitter is down (addickts everywhere are jonesing for their fix right now. Not me obviously.)

But a blog entry seems a big job compared to a 140-character tweet. That text box is massive!

Also, it seems like you have to say something important and worthwhile, where Twitter just asks you ‘What are you doing?’. I will pretend this is Twitter. Well, I had some tacos for dinner earlier and watched Top Gear (it was the one where Richard Hammond races an Aston Martin against a German man on roller skates wearing a jet engine). Then relaxed in a bubbly bath listening to Louis Armstrong and his Hot Five, and reading more of We Need To Talk About Kevin.

I was going to affiliate that book but I realise I find it too distasteful to actually recommend to anyone. It is well written but just unrelentingly sour and depressing from the start, then unpleasant and frightening, and finally sickeningly violent and disturbing. Like American Psycho without the fashion tips.

I now need to read something innocent and cheerful, like Paddington, except I would be worried that Paddington would start pouring acid into Mr Gruber’s eyes or something. But then they would chuckle about it afterwards over a mug of cocoa.

There Will Be Blood

What the hell was that movie about. Still, Daniel Day-Lewis does have an exciting moustache in it. I think I am going to grow one of those moustaches on my face.

My campaign to become an internet tycoon continues, although I have not killed anyone with a bowling pin yet, that is only on the Advanced Affiliate Marketing course. I think I would be quite good as a tycoon. If I’m honest, I just like to say the word ‘tycoon’.

Still it is a good movie. I understand it is available on DVD to pre-order at Amazon, if you click the picture of Daniel Day-Lewis’s moustachioed face. I do not say whether you should do this or not. As an honest broker I remain neutral.

Please buy it or they will hurt my family

keithlard, cribbage tycoon

I used to have a web site full of intresting facts about cribbage, Britain’s most popular game after happy slapping and Celebrity X-Factor. I used to play it with various girlfriends over the years, when on reflection, I should really have been having sex with them instead. Still, I renewed my enthusiasm for doing web sites by going on the Wordtracker course, so here it is, ta-da, the relaunched

So go and have a look, even if you do not like cribbage. In fact, especially if you do not. I enjoy the thought of you suffering due to looking at a web site that is not intresting.

Keithlard. Hurting users in an attempt to live off meagre AdSense revenues.