The adventures of a little phone

In my Yoga Journal daily insight today it said I should try and be positive about life changes and have faith that things will be good in the future. It is hard though sometimes.

As befits someone in my position I went to Sainsbury’s and bought about one million calories of comfort food. On the way back from the calerie shop there were blackbirds singing and I saw a super white dove (or pidgeon, it is the same thing really). Also spring flowers were out and so forth.

It is still a lovely world.

I should have known better than to try and install my nice new big USB disk today, as not only did it not work, but my mouse stopped working. I think it is one of those days where if you just keep fiddling, gradually your whole computer falls to pieces like a clown car, followed by the walls and roof of your flat.

I had another go when I came back as I was feeling more cheery after seeing blackbirds, and after wrestling with kernel images, initrds, and package dependency hell, I got it working! So I have a big fat envelope for keeping movies, intellergent documentaries or baffling Jonathan Creek mysteries.

The mouse works too now!

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